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The Bullion.Directory Connect Service is aimed at family offices, high net worth investors, institutional investors, investment companies, representatives and professional gold buyers in any part of the world. Our team will select 1-5 bullion dealers we feel are most suited to your needs from our pool of over 900 wholesale / volume listings and an internal pool of unlisted wholesale bullion companies before making introductions of these companies to the service user. Initial introductions are non-committal to either party.

IMPORTANT: To produce reports takes time and we receive several requests per day – therefore we always carry out basic due diligence on all enquiries before proceeding or passing enquiry details on to our wholesale providers. This will include basic online research to check if the enquirer appears to be a bona fide volume buyer, or bona fide broker. This helps ensure we do not waste your time, our time or that of our wholesale partners.

All services are provided in line with our Legal Policies.